City Market Lofts

This project consists of 72 units of affordable housing built above an existing 1960’s exposed concrete structure.  The ground floor is intended to be leased to retail or restaurant uses.  A variety of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and loft units are included.  Rent rates for the housing will be between 10% and 20% lower than market rate.

The residential units are supported by a Federal-Provincial grant and 15 units designed to be fully adapted for handicapped residents are supported by a City of Edmonton grant.

The new structure is steel frame with reinforced concrete floors poured into exposed metal pans.

Project Objectives:

• To provide high quality, affordable housing that does not stigmatize the transitional neighborhood by appearing like sub-standard, low rent housing.

• To preserve the unique 1960’s concrete structure (formerly the city market) and the mature existing trees.

• To create an active streetscape with commercial uses along 97th Street.

• To create an interesting street-front by varying the building roofline, expressing the steel structure and providing a few highly visible interiors at the corners for artist’s live/work studios.

• To promote sustainable design by utilizing minimal exterior walls, generous natural lighting, an efficient fan coil system, fluorescent lighting throughout and individual electric metering for each unit.