Seventh Street Lofts

Set in Edmonton’s warehouse district, Seventh Street Lofts adopts a scale and industrial character compatible with the existing, older buildings in the area.  It achieves a high density of housing through low-rise planning with high site coverage. The project was an attempt to revitalize the neighborhood with a sensitive, modestly priced alternative to the conventional condominium market.

The project is composed of three distinct buildings:

Phase 1 - Conversion of a 1929 brick and heavy timber John Deere warehouse to 40 apartments, half of which are 2-story units.

Phase 2 -  A new 36 unit building, with steel stud bearing walls supporting exposed metal pans filled with concrete, joining the two older structures on the site. This new central building attempts to give the street a friendlier character by including exterior entries with raised, outdoor decks and direct access to the street and lane. Translucent glass provides a sense of openness as well as privacy.

Phase 3 - Conversion of a 1950s yellow brick concrete warehouse to 36 units including the addition of 12 new 2-story units on the roof level. The original exposed concrete interiors have been left in their aged and rugged state. The new steel framework above the roof level reflects the character of the 1929 steel framework on the lane-side of Phase 1.

The three buildings are joined together on each floor by a wide corridor creating a continuous interior street. The building has since been condominiumized and sold.